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Residential Building - Executive Project
The project, developed during the 9th semester, is developed in a preliminary design phase and with details. The project aims at expanding the technical knowledge of the students and at using modern structural and installation decisions in the context of the specific building, as well as at preparing students for the forthcoming practicals by introducing them to the full cycle of the design work.
Residential Building - Pre - Diploma Project II
Detailed examination of different forms for permanent and temporary occupation and recreation: student hostels, homes for aged people, hotels, holiday resorts, etc. expressing the demographic changes and the increasing mobility of population in the modern world. Students acquire practical knowledge and skills, connected with the normative, functional, spatial, structural and technical and aesthetic requirements and trends characteristic for each type.
Residential Buildings
The aim of the course is to introduce to students the modern trends in the erection of residential buildings putting them in the context of urban environment. The main emphasis is put on the necessity of developing an ecological and humane housing which bears its specificity and identity. Training is complemented with the development of two courseworks which represent an illustrated critical analysis of already published projects of residential buildings and estates from the national or foreign ...
Residential Buildings - Pre - Diploma Project I
The project includes a detailed study of various forms of temporary occupation and leisure (hotels, student hostels, homes for aged people, holiday resorts, etc.) illustrating the demographic changes and the increasing mobility of people in the modern world. Students obtain specialist knowledge and skills related to regulatory, functional, spatial, structural, technical and aesthetic requirements and trends specific for each type of building.
Residential Buildings - Project I
The aim of case study is to integrate the theoretical principles to the practical solutions of designing detached, semi-detached or terraced houses in low-rise urban environment. Students develop skills for work with normative documents, for taking into account the influence of the environment and modern schemes of living patterns, for considering the possibilities for application of different materials and technologies.
Residential Buildings - Project II
The aim of this case study is to create a high-density residential area with a distinct character. Students are expected to provide innovative solutions in terms of urban structure as well as in planning of a large scale of dwelling types. They learn to create high-rise multi-family houses for different social standards. Upon completion of the study the students should be able to use modern design strategies for housing intervention in the context of the urban environment.
Residential Buildings - Special Course
Students get acquainted in detail with the most up-to-date problems in setting up a residential environment. The course is taught by lecturers both from the Department and the industry. It is composed by three modules. The first module acquaints students with the problems and trends in the erection of buildings and estates for temporary occupation (hotels, holiday resorts, hostels, homes for aged people, etc.). The second module considers the current problem of the residential environment ...
Дипломен проект - кат. Жилищни сгради

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