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Prof. Dr. Eng. Mariana Maradjieva

Faculty of Hydraulic Engineering, Department Hydraulics and Hydrology - Lecturer (deceased)

Prof. Dr. Eng. Mariana Maradjieva
Office Room A421
Phone 9635245/784
Fax 00359 2 865 6863
E-mail marmar_fhe@uacg.bg
Marital Status unmarried


Water supply engineer

Language Skills

russian, french, english, spanish

Professional Skills

computer design and graphics, numerical modeling, C++ programming and Fortran, engineering design in hydrotechnics

Science Interests

unsteady hydraulic processes, risk analysis, numerical modeling of risk processes in hydrotechnics

Science Activity

Lecturer in Hydraulic and Hydrology department, honorarium lecturer in Technical University in Sofia, lecturerer in TEMPUS programme, participant in scientific and applied works, adviser of students studies and works, adviser of post-graduet students


Mambership of two international association

Participation in International Projects

1.Cost Effective Protection of Pumping and Hydropower System, Web Messenger Joint Project,
Bulgaria-USA Design
2.Prediction and Protection of Some Polluted Near Shore Regions of Bulgaria, IHP V Project 2.3 and 2.4
3.NATO project 2000/2001 Monitoring and Mathematical Modeling of Water Quality in Bulgarian
Transboundary Rivers and Basin

Academic Positions

engineer,PhD, assistant in Hydraulic and Hydrology department, assoc. professor, professor

Science Keywords

Member of IAHR, IHA member, former president of scientific and technical associacion in Hydrotecnical Faculty

Other Posts and Activities

engineer, numerical modeling, pumping stations, water suply, ecology, hydro power plants, unsteady flow, pressure pipes, risk and risk analysis


1.Statistical Modeling of Dams Based on Order Service Processes and Potential Events of Failure,32 Congress of IAHR,July 1-6,2007,Venice,Italy
2.Advance Risk Analysis Methods for Engineering Assesments Based on Forecasting Decision Theory, Jubilee Scientific Conference, 65 years UACG,May 2007,Univ. of Architecture Civil Engineering and Geodesy
3.Risk Analysis of Potential Failure of Embankment Dams Based on Fuzzy Inference, Hydroinformatics 2006, Sept. 4-8, Nice, France
4.Risk Based Analysis of Potential Failure of Rockfill Iovkovzi Dam Presented by Different Scenarios, 2-nd Bulgarian-Austrian Seminar, UACG, 2005
5.Effective Protection of Long Pipelines by Transient Process through Feeder Tanks in Pumping Supply System, XXXI IAHR, 11-16 Sept., vol. 1,Seul, Korea, 2005
6.Computer Modeling and Design of Cost Effective Pipe Line Systems for Different Thickness,Materials and Fluid, XIV Water Power Conference for Advancing Technology and Sustainable Energy, Austin, Texas, USA, 2005
7.Hydraulic Research on Side Channel Spillways Based on Based on Phisical Modeling and Optimization, XXX IAHR, 25-31 August,Greece,2003
8.Hydraulics of Membrane Valve as Regulator of Head and Transient Processes in Hydrotechnics,PEDS,Valencia, Spain, 2003
9.Reversible Operation of Rotary Pumps, XXIX IAHR, 16-21 Sept.2001
10. Membrane Valves as Effective Protection of Pipelines During Transient Processes in Pumping Stations, XXX IAHR, 25-31 August,Greece, 2003
11. On Inverse Variational Principles for a Measurement of Side Trough Spillways, Hydroinformatics 2002, Cardiff, UK

More Info

Partnership in international associations in Bulgaria and abroad



Хидравлика за специалност ВК
Проф. д-р инж. Мариана Мараджиева

Хидромеханика за трите специалности
Проф. д-р инж. Мариана Мараджиева

Hydraulics and Hydromechanics
Prof. Dr. Eng. Mariana Maradjieva

Prof.Dr.Eng.Mariana Maradjieva


sport, classic music,literature, swimming