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Photogrammetry and Spatial Information Systems - Master (MA) for Bachelors


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Photogrammetry and Spatial Information Systems
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Photogrammetry and Spatial Information Systems
Faculty Faculty of Geodesy
Address 1 Hr. Smirnenski Blvd.
Sofia 1046, Bulgaria
Phone (+359 2) 966 22 01
(+359 2) 963 52 45 /424
0884 94 69 53
Fax (+359 2) 866 22 01
E-mail dean_fgs@uacg.bg

Master course is intended for candidate students that have obtained bachelor and master degree in high education area 5. Technical sciences – mainly for professional field 5.7. Architecture, civil engineering and geodesy, and also for professional fields from high education area Technical sciences, related to electrical engineering, electronic, automatic, communication and computer technique, mathematics and informatics.

Students that have obtained qualification degree “Master – engineer”, of specialty “Photogrammetry and spatial information systems” will purchase qualification in the field of Photogrammetry and remote sensing, Spatial information systems and GIS. Graduated masters will have possibilities to work in the fields of creation and support of spatial information systems, that are based on usage of photogrammetric methods and technologies, in private companies and state institutions.
Duration of education course is 2 (two) years (4 terms) and the last term is intended for development of diploma project. The tasks for the last term are preparation of project in desired scientific field and for preparation and defense of diploma project. It is specified the education to be held in regular form of education in the following two versions:
- paid education in Bulgarian language;
- paid education in English language if the possibility for creation of groups persists.