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Inte nsive teaching for the project, Mauro Marzo
It was Ernesto Nathan Rogers who invented the summer courses of the CIAM ...
doi: 10.12838/issn.20390491/n26.2014/edit

WAVe. Summer Workshops at the IUAV University of Venice, Alberto Ferlenga
The IUAV Summer Workshops were first held in 2002 as a result of an initiative by the ...
doi: 10.12838/issn.20390491/n26.2014/1

Travel through the landscapes of Sicily. Architectural design workshop experience, Adriana Sarro
Sicily and its territory, destination of the Arab travelers and later the Grand Tour travelers between 700 and 800 and the architects of the '20s...
doi: 10.12838/issn.20390491/n26.2014/2

The search for a teaching model, Antonio Tejedor Cabrera
In principle, those of us who dedicate ourselves to an ancient discipline such as architecture should have clear which are the procedures, ...
doi: 10.12838/issn.20390491/n26.2014/3

Intensive teaching for the architectural project, Mauro Marzo
This article aims to bring forth certain considerations regarding the international teaching experience . ...
doi: 10.12838/issn.20390491/n26.2014/4

The Workshop in Architecture. A learning process in progress, Joгo Barros Matos / Rui Mendes
Within a learning pro cess in architecture we can always recognize questions of minimums and questions of maximums ...
doi: 10.12838/issn.20390491/n26.2014/5

The usefulness of what seems useless, Gustavo Antonio Carabajal
To evaluate the role of a worksh op, as a moment for the intensive teaching of architectural project-design in the course of education of students...
doi: 10.12838/issn.20390491/n26.2014/6

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