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Industrial Design for Architects
The structure of the architectural environment and the role of interior, exterior and the articles in it; historic development of the components of architectural interior and future trends – the emphasis is on articles for fitting-up; nature of furniture design and methodological peculiarities in design and construction of single articles and of family systems of articles are discussed. The factors determining the form of articles and the stages in their creating, are discussed.
Industrial Design for Architects - Pre - Diploma Project
Industrial design in the field of architecture – Elements of the building, articles for the interior and the exterior, with possible subjects: Systems of elements for bungalows, newspaper stands, public transport stops, for fitting-up pedestrian areas, streets, parks and gardens, for constructing open-air kindergartens, for furnishing housing and public buildings.
Industrial Design for Architects - Project
The project aims at developing minimum basic knowledge and skills in design and construction of single furniture and programmes of furniture at pointing the attention to the relations between function, structure and form and the requirements of large-scale production. Anonymity, universality and combinatority of programme articles are intentionally sought.
Industrial Design for Architects - Special Course
Problems connected with the coming into being and with the development of industrial design are discussed. Factors, determining it, are analysed. The nature, subject and scope of industrial design in architecture and the requirements to industrially produced articles, as well as the methodology of their design are discussed with a view to expanding students’ knowledge in this area.
Industrial Design Laboratory
The basic aim is students to break away from the relativity of the drawing in design and to carry out a creative investigation – by a model. After specifying the idea about the article a prototype of the latter is made. The prototypes are made by the method of experimental production, but from real materials and with instruments at hand.
The basic concepts in interior are discussed in subjects as: Architecture and style uniformity of furniture. Interior design and furniture in historic aspect – from antiquity to the beginning of the 20th century. Types of furniture, used in residential and public interior – sitting furniture, storage, beds, tables and multi-functional furniture. Emotional impact of internal spaces and components of the architectural image.
Interior - Pre - Diploma Project I
The aim is a more thorough getting into the specifics of interior design. A small building in a specific situation is developed and the interior decision of the main interior spaces is designed. A uniform style is recommended for the development of the details of the elements of mobile and immobile furnishing.
Interior - Pre - Diploma Project II
Work, connected with the problems of reconstruction of existing interior spaces and possible change in their function. Examples, typical for the current practice, are chosen. The decision should take into account the existing structure and should reflect the installation problems. A new architectural image of interior space is created by moulding the internal volumes and their furnishing.
Interior - Project
Project in the field of interior of residential and public buildings. Students go through the following phases of design of interior space: investigation, functional scheme, interior decision, visualised with plans and models, elements of mobile and immobile furniture.
Interior - Special Course
Course about modern trends in interior of residential and public buildings. Current trends and perspectives in furniture structures and elements of immobile furniture. Interior and furniture for disabled. Examples from the work of contemporary architects. Lectures of prominent architects, working in the field of construction of interior spaces.
Technology of Products
The foundations of construction and technology of articles are presented, including: classification, components and assembly of furniture, types of furniture products, wooden and non-wooden materials and prefabricated materials for furniture, main types of connections of the structural elements of furniture, construction of details, furniture frames and furniture boards, basic structural decisions in corpus furniture, main stages of the technological process for furniture production, cutting up ...