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Incoming students


Dear Student,
Thank you for your interest in our university. Below you will find information about our application procedure and necessary documents.

 Application process

The normal fulltime student workload per semester is 30 ECTS credit points. Complete the Learning Agreement form with a list of courses you would like to take during your stay at UACEG, and which fit into your home university study profile. This will allow for transfer of the credits back to your home university. Both institutions must approve this Learning Agreement.
Please contact the institutional coordinator at your home institution for advice about the cooperation details with UACEG.

About the application procedure:

The exchange students must send the following documents by e-mail attachment in doc. and pdf. to the Center for international relations and mobility at UACEG:
• Application form
• Learning agreement listing the course units that they wish to take,
• Transcripts of Records obtained in previous years of study,
• Language certificate

If a student intends to do a thesis project at UACEG, a short description of the subject area of the thesis is required.

Incomplete applications cannot be considered.
Applications sent by post only cannot be considered.

Incoming students are offered rooms in the UACEG dormitory in Studentski grad, block 35 ( 5 km from the University, about 20 min. by bus). You can apply for the dormitory by using the Application form for incoming students.

There are no specific insurance requirements for students at the UACEG. It is the responsibility of the participant in the international exchange programs to ensure that he/she has adequate insurance coverage. Please ensure that you have an adequate insurance coverage for the travel and mobility period. Highly recommended: European Health Insurance Card.

Attached below you can find the Application Guidelines, Application Form, List of Courses for Incoming Students, Learning Agreement for studies, Instructions for filling out the Learning Agreement and Guide “Bulgaria Discovered”: